Friday, July 29, 2011

Review of Broad Street Deli & Market, Dunn

            One of our favorite lunch places is the Broad Street Deli & Market in Dunn. 
From the moment you walk in, you get this overwhelming sense of warmth.  There are small tables around the restaurant, trees in the middle, and shelves with various snacks around the outside.  All of the wait staff is very friendly, especially the owners Jamie and Jeff.  They are probably two of the nicest people that we have ever met.  They consistently talk to all of their customers and remember us as if we were family.  They make the place great and their sandwiches are fabulous!  
Typically, we rotate between three of our favorite sandwiches.  The Life of Riley is roast beef, brie cheese, and a house-made plum sauce on a croissant.  It is fabulous.  The creaminess of the cheese and sweetness of the plum sauce accentuate the already great roast beef.  Strangely though, Jeff & Jamie’s son Riley, is not a fan of his namesake.    Jeff’s Polynesian is another favorite.  This one is Black Forest ham, melted Swiss, and homemade mango salsa.  Megan loves this one and describes it as “deliciousness.”  The third sandwich we love is the Pimento cheese with bacon.  Jamie makes homemade pimento cheese, which is absolutely amazing.  In fact, it is the only pimento cheese that we eat.  Melting the cheese on a croissant with crisp bacon, makes this the ultimate in decadent flavors. 
Typically, all sandwiches can come on marble rye or croissant with chips, a pickle, and homemade cole slaw.  The slaw is a vinegar-based slaw of cabbage, pickles, and peppers.  It is fantastic; crunchy and yet, slightly sour.    Other side dish options include pasta salad and potato salad.  The potato salad is Megan’s favorite.   It is a sour cream and mayonnaise based potato salad that includes bacon and chives.  It really is spectacular and not just because Megan’s favorite food is a potato. 
Every day, they have at least one soup.  All of the soups that we have ever had their have been amazing.  Our favorite is the broccoli soup, but we also love the chili, Italian wedding, chicken noodle, and corn chowder.  Each soup is homemade and available for takeout, as is the chicken salad and pimento cheese.  Oh and don't sleep on their salads or desserts either.  While we normally don't get them, they look and taste delicious.  
The Broad Street Deli is a place that we will be frequenting for as long as we live in the area.  Between the deli and the market, they have something for everyone.  While some may scoff at the idea of soups, salads, and sandwiches, you won’t find a better deli in the state, I promise.  Jeff and Jamie have established one of the best kept secrets in the Harnett/Johnston county area, but now the secret is out, check out the Broad Street Deli & Market and get ready for one of the best lunch experiences in your life.

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