Friday, August 5, 2011

Review of Sherry's Bakery, Dunn

            It saddens me that I lived in this area for three years, before I discovered Sherry’s Bakery.  It is owned by Freddie and Mary Williford and has been a constant source of sweetness for over 40 years.  If you arrive early enough, you can actually smell the doughnuts being made from blocks away; and they smell amazing. 
            Upon entering, the large dining area is straight ahead, while the doughnut and lunch counters are to the left.  The long tables and wood paneling are indicative of the 1970s.  While, normally I would think that an upgrade might be needed, the endless parade of customers mean this place is perfect just the way it is. 
            We mainly go to Sherry’s for the doughnuts.  While their fresh-baked glazed are great, our two favorites are the peach fritter and the chocolate honey bun.  The fritter is slightly crunchy on the outside, while moist and soft on the inside.  With chunks of peach and the sweet glaze, these are amazing.  If you get to Sherry’s at about 8:30 in the morning, these should be fresh out of the kitchen.  The fritter also comes in apple. 
            The chocolate honey bun comes with or without nuts on it.  Megan prefers the nuts, I do not.  These are fabulously rich and decadent honey buns.  The blend of chocolate and honey is amazing and the dough is slightly on the thicker side, giving the honey bun a heartiness that allows it to be an entire meal.  These have quickly become my favorite pastry at Sherry’s.  Don’t get me wrong though, I still enjoy the peach jacks, apple jacks, lemon filled, Bavarian crème, and all of their other doughnuts. 
            They also bake cakes.  Our two favorite cakes are the 10-layer chocolate cake and the red velvet cake.  The 10-layer chocolate is sliced so thin to get the chocolate between each layer that it is almost magic.  This cake is super-moist and delicious.  I really could survive for a week, just on their cake.  Red Velvet however, is my favorite cake of all time.  This cake is exceptional.  Red cake with an icing that is not quite cream cheese because it is lighter, but it is great. They top the icing with a few crushed walnuts and then, feel free to dive in to the deliciousness.  It is rich, it is fluffy, it is the best cake I have ever eaten.  
            The lunch counter makes standards like hamburgers, red hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc., but we normally go for the breakfast.  They make great biscuits.  Now, they only make a certain number each day, so make sure to get there early.  After 9am, you might miss out.  Megan gets hers with country ham on it, while I prefer the fresh sausage patty.  They have homemade vegetable soup that I hear is great, but I have not tried it, yet.  Most of their lunch counter food is probably not house-made, but they will prepare it right in front of you and it is a good, cheap breakfast or lunch. 
            Freddie and Mary Williford have a gold mine.  They are two very sweet, very hardworking people.  Their doughnuts and cakes are great.  Yes, I must admit, I think their chocolate toppings are a little too sweet, but that will in no way stop me from coming back again and again.  Their doughnuts are addicting.  And while, they bill themselves as the best kept secret in Dunn, it is time for people to notice the sweetest smelling corner in town and get to Sherry’s Bakery today.  Trust me, you’ll be back. 

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